Redecam offers highly engineered air pollution control solutions helping customers all over the globe meet their air emission reduction targets rapidly and cost-effectively. Over the past 30 years, Redecam’s market-leading air filtration and flue gas treatment technologies have allowed us to provide not only complete new systems, but also upgrade, retrofit and transformation solutions to existing equipment which operate at an equal or higher performance level than new systems from our competitors.

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Why Choose Redecam?
Our Innovation

Our products lead the industry… and our engineers continue to think of ways to improve them. Redecam only offers high quality products and solutions.

Our Rapidity

We are experts at designing, manufacturing, installing and commissioning brand-new state-of-the-art or retrofitted, upgraded and transformed air pollution control systems in record time – often in half the time our competitors quote.

Our Flexibility

We customize our products, our entire solutions, our installation and our technical support and services to suit your needsincluding your budget.

Our Customer Focus

We offer solutions that fit. If that means keeping your existing system’s casing and changing what’s inside, we do that. It’s something other companies don’t offer, but we assure optimal performance and a job well done.

Our Expertise
Our Experience
Our Sectors