Redecam offers highly engineered air pollution control solutions for the Cement & Lime, Metals & Mining, Coal & Oil Power, Waste-to-Energy & Biomass Power and Biomass & Pulp and Paper industries, helping customers meet or exceed their air emission reduction targets in a rapid and cost-effective manner. Our track record is strong with over 2,000 projects in nearly 90 countries and on every continent.

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Here are a few of our projects in Western Europe:

Evermore Biomass Incinerator

Evermore Biomass Incinerator

Our Client: Fichtner Consulting Engineers, hired by Evermore Renewable Energy (ERE), a Northern Irish project developer engaged in the development of biomass-fired combined heat & power (CHP) plants.

Country: United Kingdom

We received awards for our on-site safety during this new build turnkey air pollution control project. Our solution included a Redecam Bag Filter and a complete flue gas treatment system.

Our Contract: We were hired to work alongside main contractor BWSC (Burmeister & Wain Scandinavian Contractor A/S) to build a complete turnkey air pollution control system on this greenfield project, in operation as of 2015.

Our Challenge: We faced strict on-site safety rules, however we received awards for our safety measures during installation.

Our Solution: Our engineers designed a complete air filtration solution based around our DPD-Model Bag Filter with reduced compressed air consumption rates. We also provided a complete flue gas treatment system including a hydrated lime Dry Injection Desulfurization system and a Mercury Adsorption System, as well as an I.D. fan and a stack.

Le Havre – Saint Vigor Cement Plant

Le Havre - Saint Vigor Cement Plant

Our Client: Lafarge, a world leader in building materials and a major player in the cement, aggregates and concrete industries.

Country: France

Our project management team delivered the project from contract to commissioning in a mere 9 months. This included having 1,100 tons of steel fabricated for a heavy-duty stack.

Our Contract: This was a complete turnkey upgrade solution to further reduce air emissions while increasing filtration efficiency throughout the entire line.

Our Solution: We replaced two existing electrostatic precipitators with one large 1.5 million m3 Bag Filter. The new system reduced the amount of dust to less than 10 mg/m3. We disassembled the existing kiln and clinker cooler lines, replacing the components with new, highly efficient ones. We converted the existing conditioning tower into a Mixing Chamber and provided new ducts, a new fan and integrated all new portions into the existing automation system of the plant.

Our Challenges: The stack required to optimize emission reduction was impressive, measuring 4.1 m wide and 80 m high (13 ft x 263 ft). We had it delivered in two pieces and assembled on site. During the peak of activities, this required 120 workers. In addition, the timeline was tight. We completed the entire project, from the awarding of the contract to commissioning, in 9 months. This included having 1,100 tons of steel fabricated for the external and internal components. We were able to achieve this record time by doing a design-build and overlapping activities.

Livorno and Piombino Oil-Fired Power Plants

Livorno and Piombino Oil Fired Power Plants

Our Client: Enel, Italy’s largest power company and the second largest utility in Europe by installed capacity.

Country: Italy

We reinforced the ESPs’ foundations to save the client money and retrofitted the ESPs, ensuring the highest reliability and efficiency in dust collecting. We also installed fire safety systems.

Our Contract: Provide turnkey retrofit solutions to old electrostatic precipitators (ESPs) at both facilities, which were the largest of their kind in Italy but are no longer in operation due to the economic crisis.

Our Challenge: Redecam was also tasked with installing fire safety systems, which we had never done. Our engineering team successfully designed a system to comply with all requirements.

Our Solution: We reinforced the ESPs’ concrete foundations in compliance with then current norms, then demolished all internal components and replaced them with new ESP components that included Redecam’s own “Electrode – Suspension – Rapping” technology. This innovation ensures both the highest reliability and efficiency in dust collecting, even when operating at maximum capacity.

Massafra Urban Waste Incineration Power Plant

Massafra Urban Waste Incineration Power Plant

Our Client: EuroEnergy Group Srl, a subsidiary of Marcegaglia, the leading industrial group worldwide in the steel processing sector, with a yearly output of 5 million tons.

Country: Italy

By adding a top of the line flue gas treatment system to remove acid gases, HCl, mercury and metals amongst other pollutants, we provided the best air filtration solution available on the market.

Our Contract: Create a turnkey air pollution control system, including air filtration and flue gas treatment, for this greenfield project.

Our Solution: We designed, built and installed a highly effective Bag Filter, offering the highest particulate removal efficiency on the market. The flue gas treatment system included our Dry Injection Desulfurization system using the optimal reagent, hydrated lime, as well as our Mercury Adsorption System, an I.D. fan and a stack. Our Redecam team did the electrical and incorporated the system into the plant’s automation system.

Enna Biomass Incineration Power Plant

Enna Biomass Incineration Power Plant

Our Client: FriEl Green Power, one of the leading companies in Italy in the field of green energy, and RWE, one of Europe’s five leading electricity and gas companies.

Country: Italy

We provided a Bag Filter and a complete flue gas treatment solution, including DI-Desulfurization, Mercury Adsorption and the optimal NOX control system. This solution was cost-effective and compact.

Our Contract: Provide a turnkey flue gas treatment solution for this greenfield project that would offer our customer flexibility in terms of possible future uses at this high-tech plant.

Our Solution: We designed, built, installed and commissioned a high-efficiency Redecam Bag Filter, as well as a cost-effective and compact hydrated lime Dry Injection Desulfurization system, a Mercury Adsorption System, an I.D. fan and a stack. We added a Selective Catalytic Reduction DeNOX system with an ammonia solution injection package, which is the optimal NOX control system; it is able to achieve more than 95% NOX reduction in combustion processes and can therefore meet stricter incoming legislation.

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