Redecam leads the air pollution control industry with innovative solutions that create exceptional products. Our ingenious group of engineers has a long track record of successes, developing many market-leading products with our own proprietary technology. Our engineering team constantly looks for methods to further improve our products and solutions. What sets our engineers apart is their flexibility and willingness to re-conceive the sequencing of their air pollution control systems in order to fit the specific needs (space, performance, investment) of each customer. Tailoring and optimizing our systems is what our engineers do best: all to offer our customers the best solutions fitting their needs, budget and timeline.

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We produce key internal components in our production facility outside Milan, Italy, in order to ensure the highest quality product. Each piece of equipment that goes into your system has been carefully created and tested in this workshop, run by our industry-leading engineers. This is also where our team innovates and turns new ideas into new components to offer you, our customer, the best solution possible. To reduce your costs, as well as to offer jobs in your region, we propose manufacturing exterior components in-country.

For several years, Redecam has had a cooperation agreement with Politecnico di Milano University, ranked one of the most outstanding European universities in engineering, architecture and industrial design and regarded as a leading research institution worldwide. Students are invited to do internships and stages at Redecam, many of whom we hire upon graduation.

Redecam engineers have also been working closely with computational fluid dynamics students at the university, mentoring them as they learn advanced skills with Ansys’s Fluent program. Students and our engineers have worked together to program the software in order to simulate Redecam’s air pollution control systems, with all the related principles to consider when designing our tools. Indeed, we have shared some of our designs with the university in order to offer students the opportunity to further improve their understanding of fluid dynamics and chemical reactions. Redecam engineers regularly enter into discussions with students about potential new solutions and also contribute to the university’s magazine.