Our Mixing Chambers (MC) are ideal when several gases, often at different temperatures, converge before going through an air pollution control (APC) system. Our Mixing Chambers blend the gases together and equalize their temperatures in order to enter the APC system homogeneously. This is key to ensuring an effective emissions reduction system.

Mixing Chamber

Why Choose Our Mixing Chambers?

  • Customized design. Redecam tailors the design for each customer based on duct layout and process flow.
  • Ideal when water is not available. In plants at which our Gas Conditioning Towers and Water Injection Systems are not viable due to a lack of water, our Mixing Chambers provide a good option.
  • Double as a dust pre-separator. Ideal for heavy-duty applications. The collected dust is discharged into a hopper and onto the global dust transport system.
  • Provide an effective emergency backup. Since there’s no water or other cooling agent (other than air) involved, and there are no controls required, our MCs are ideal emergency backups for your other gas conditioning units.
  • Can act as a spark arrestor. We can modify the design to integrate a spark arrestor for biomass or pulp and paper plants.

Our Mixing Chambers offer great flexibility as they have several possible functions within your air pollution control system. They can homogenize and/or cool gases and reduce the load on your other air filtration equipment by providing preliminary dust separation. They also deliver extra security to your system: as passive conditioning systems that do not use water or another cooling agent, they are ideal as emergency backup filtration devices. They can also reduce the risk of fire and explosions by acting as a spark arrestor.

Mixing Chamber Uses

Whichever the use or the industry being served, we customize every Mixing Chamber to suit your process parameters. Our experts can recommend whether a Mixing Chamber is a good solution for your air pollution control system.

Click here to view our Mixing Chamber product brochure. To discuss conditioning systems with one of our experts, please contact us.