Redecam offers highly engineered air pollution control solutions for the Cement & Lime, Metals & Mining, Coal & Oil Power, Waste-to-Energy & Biomass Power and Biomass & Pulp and Paper industries, helping customers meet or exceed their air emission reduction targets in a rapid and cost-effective manner. Our track record is strong with over 2,000 projects in nearly 90 countries and on every continent.

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Here are a few of our projects in the Middle East:

Holcim Lebanon

Holcim Lebanon

Our Client: Holcim Lebanon, part of the Holcim Group, is one of the leading cement companies in Lebanon.

Country: Lebanon

Our Bag Filters ensured emissions were lower than 10 mg/Nm3 and have reduced dust levels at stack by 88%. We also enhanced the automation system to optimize response times.

Our Contract: Holcim Lebanon has been an air filtration client for two decades, as it has continuously modernized its cement plant – the largest cement kiln in Lebanon. In 2009, we were hired to upgrade our existing components, as the plant was looking to increase its production flow by 30% to 1.1 million Am3/hr.

Our Challenge: Find innovative, cost-effective ways to maintain emissions at or below target levels, while increasing air filtration capacity to keep up with a higher production flow.

Our Solution: We replaced the main filter at the kiln with a new Bag Filter in 2009. The enhanced features of this new baghouse ensure emissions remain lower than 10 mg/Nm3 – compliant with the internal target of 20 mg/Nm3. Our engineers designed a system with fewer but longer bags than the previous bag filter, increasing the surface area for dust retention. We also improved the bags’ alignment to better retain dust particles, increasing efficiency. Our enhanced automation system has optimized response times. We have also upgraded the Bag Filters on the clinker cooler and mill and separator. The new Bag Filter solutions reduced the levels of dust at stack by 88% between 2009 and 2011 (Holcim Lebanon Sustainable Development report, 2012, p. 14).

Al Katrana Cement Company

Al Katrana Cement Company

Our Client: KHD Humboldt Wedag GmbH, the consortium leader for the construction of a new state-of-the-art cement production plant near Amman. Their client: Katrana Cement Company, a wholly owned Jordanian subsidiary of Arabian Cement Company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Country: Jordan

Our Redecam Dual-Input Integrated System, which dedusts both kiln ends, was the ideal solution and a great space-saver for this plant, proving highly effective since commissioning.

Our Contract: We were hired by this multi-national consortium, which also included Humboldt Wedag India Ltd., Gebr. Pfeiffer, Germany and ABB India Ltd., to provide a complete process air filtration solution for the plant, with a capacity of 5,000 t/d clinker.

Our Solution: We designed and built one of our integrated Bag Filter solutions, Redecam’s Dual-Input Integrated System, to dedust both kiln ends. This is an ideal space-saving solution which has been proven highly effective. Nuisance filters were also added at various points throughout the plant.

Çumra Sugar Factory Bio Ethanol Plant

Çumra Sugar Factory Bio Ethanol Plant

Our Client: Gama Kazan Teknolojisi, working for sugar company Konya Seker.

Country: Turkey

Our customized air filtration solution for this modern bioethanol plant included one of our top quality ESPs, improving efficiency by reducing dust entrapment during the rapping phase.

Our Contract: Provide an air filtration solution for this beet sugar factory situated 300 km south of Ankara which is energy efficient in part due to its pulp drying plant. This factory is the most modern sugar plant in Europe and the largest in Turkey with a processing capacity of 12,000 tonnes per day.

Our Solution: We designed, built and installed one of our top quality Electrostatic Precipitators, including Redecam’s Rigid Emission Electrodes (RREE) system which has an innovative design to optimize performance. We designed and manufactured the collecting plates and baffles to reduce dust entrapment during the rapping phase, improving efficiency.

South Valley Cement Company

South Valley Cement Company

Our Client: South Valley Cement Company

Country: Egypt

We provided a complete turnkey air filtration solution, offering high efficiency and reliability. The installed GCT was designed to avoid mud clogs, speed the process and reduce tower size.

Our Contract: Provide a complete turnkey air filtration solution to the entirety of this new cement production plant, with an average annual production of 1.6 million tons.

Our Solution: Our team designed, manufactured and installed two DPM-Model Bag Filters, ideal for high-inlet dust burden applications, one on each mill and separator. We also engineered, built and erected an RF-Model Gas-to-Air Heat Exchanger as well as a DPD-Model Bag Filter on the clinker cooler. On both the alkali by-pass and on the cement kiln and raw mill, we calculated that a Gas Conditioning Tower (GCT) upstream of our Bag Filter would provide the optimal solution. Our GCTs were designed to mix evenly, avoiding the creation of mud. Our unique nozzles in our GCTs also reduce the required gas retention time in the towers, allowing us to reduce their size. We also added nuisance filters throughout the plant.

Commercial Medical Waste Facility, Kuwait

Commercial Medical Waste Facility, Kuwait

Our Client: Pennram Diversified Manufacturing Corporation.

Country: Kuwait

We designed an enhanced performance air pollution control system to remove particulates, metals and dioxins while lowering operating costs due to by-product recirculation.

Our Contract: Provide an air pollution control solution for a 500 kg/hr thermal reduction system.

Our Solution: We designed and built one of our top-of-the-line Bag Filters (baghouses) which we preassembled into large components to reduce installation time and costs. This Bag Filter offers the highest particulate removal efficiency on the market, exceeding the most stringent emissions requirements. Our air pollution control system is our high performance solution with a reaction tower and a re-circulating system. It offers enhanced performance and lower operating costs due to by-product recirculation, reducing the amount of reagent needed. The system also includes our Mercury Adsorption System with activated carbons. The system will therefore effectively remove particulates, metals and any potential dioxins that may have reformed in the boiler.

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