Gas conditioning towers (GCT) are used in industrial applications to cool gases upstream, ahead of bag filters, electrostatic precipitators or our Dual-Action Filters. They are considered to be the most effective type of cooling systems in treating exhaust process gases. Our GCTs offer unequalled effectiveness: our team has three decades of experience designing these towers and customizes every one to suit our customers’ specific process parameters.

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Redecam Gas Conditioning Tower

Why Choose Our Gas Conditioning Towers?

  • Unparalleled efficiency. We use model tests and CFD simulations to calculate the ideal timing and gas distribution parameters.
  • Even mixing. We have mastered our Gas Distribution System (GDS) to ensure even gas/water mixing, avoiding the creation of mud.
  • Reduced energy costs. Our optional Dual-Nozzle System allows you to reduce the number of nozzles in operation when operating with lower gas volumes.
  • Smaller tower size. Our special nozzles, coupled with our GDS, increase evaporation, reducing the gas retention time in the tower and thus the tower’s size. Our GDS can even be applied as a retrofit to improve our competitors’ installations.
  • Optimized control system. Our Temperature Control System is designed to optimize reaction times, allowing you to cope with new process conditions at the tower inlet rapidly to ensure continued efficiency.

The purpose of a GCT is to cool the flow and optimize the uniformity of the gas and its temperature, in order to make the air filtration device more effective at extracting the dust. We offer two models, based on different water injection systems: a Spillback Injection System, based on spillback nozzles, and a Dual-Media Injection System, in which water is atomized by water pressure and compressed air.

We customize every Gas Conditioning Tower to suit your specific process parameters.

Our Spillback Injection System

Our Spillback Injection System works with a high-pressure centrifugal pump, which forces water through our special nozzles located inside the conditioning tower, producing a fine mist.

Our Dual-Media Injection System

Our Dual-Media Injection System uses both water and compressed air to produce an extra fine mist. This is our highest-efficiency model, allowing for an even smaller conditioning tower size as the gas has a shorter required retention time in our GCT.

Our Dual-Nozzle System (optional)

For both our Spillback and Dual-Media Injection Systems, we offer the option of our Dual-Nozzle System, which reduces energy costs and prolongs the lifespan of your equipment. Since a lower volume of gas requires less cooling water, you may not always need all nozzles in operation. The system therefore entails installing two nozzle levels on your system:

  • One set of nozzles, preferably close to the tower centre, is used when the gas and water volume requirements are low;
  • A second set of nozzles is put into operation to supply additional water when the system is operating at higher capacity.

Click here to view our Gas Conditioning Tower product brochure. To discuss conditioning systems with one of our experts, please contact us.