Our Code of Ethics outlines our rights, duties and responsibilities towards all of our stakeholders: employees, collaborators, suppliers, public administrators and clients.

Every Redecam Group (“Group”) employee, as well as collaborators, subcontractors and external consultants who operate on behalf of Redecam, are accountable for respecting the principles and rules of our Code of Ethics. Each has the responsibility to follow the Group’s guiding ethical principles of honesty, legality, fairness and transparency, responsibility toward the community, respect of privacy in treating information in their possession, centrality of the person, impartiality and equal opportunity, health and safety, diligence and fairness in managing contracts, fair competition, and quality research.

Our Code of Ethics prescribes fundamental rules of conduct, including:

  • Full compliance with laws, regulations and requirements in all countries where the Group operates;
  • Prevention of corruption and prohibition of all kinds of unlawful payments and irregular practices, including the acceptance of gifts/favors that go beyond the usual rules of hospitality and kindness;
  • Forbiddance to receive and/or make payments on bank current accounts in “black list” countries;
  • Maintenance of objectivity and the rules of fair competition, including refraining from the participation in activities considered a conflict of interest;
  • Proper registration of all actions and operations performed by the organization, making it possible to verify the decision-making, authorization and development process;
  • Prohibition of spreadding false news or facts about Redecam and/or its financial situation and/or its economic assets/liabilities;
  • Protection of health and safety, including the full observance of the legislation in force about the prevention and protection of all employees;
  • Observance of environmental protection legislation, including taking measures to prevent (or at least minimize) the environmental impact.

Those who gain knowledge of illegal or ethically unfair situations, or potentially illegal or unfair situations, they must promptly notify the autonomous and independent Supervisory Body at Information can be given in written or oral form. To download and read our complete Code of Ethics please click on one of the links below:

Code of Ethics (English)
Codice Etico (Italiano)