Our Dual-Action Filters offer you the greatest advantages of both our Bag Filters (baghouses) and our Electrostatic Precipitators (ESPs). They combine these two devices in the same casing, providing you with optimum particulate removal efficiency, at a lower cost than traditional air filtration solutions.


Why Choose Our Dual-Action Filter Solutions?

  • Highly effective. Our Dual-Action Filter is the best air filtration solution available for most plants.
  • Lower CAPEX. Whether new or a transformation of an obsolete ESP or bag filter, a Dual-Action Filter can be the most cost-effective investment.
  • Lower OPEX. Reduced compressed air and energy consumption as well as lower maintenance costs.
  • Low levels of emissions for a longer time. Because our Bag Filter’s load is shared with the ESP, filter bags last longer ensuring the efficiency of your system.
  • Homogeneous gas distribution. Our unique Distribution Screen ensures the gas/dust sent to the filter bags is homogeneous, increasing efficiency and ensuring relatively even wear.
  • Transformation solutions. We can transform your obsolete ESP or bag filter into our effective Dual-Action Filter, ensuring your plant complies with all emissions regulations.

Our Dual-Action Filter’s first section is our Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP), which electrostatically charges the dust particles in the gas flow. The ionized particles are then attracted to positively grounded collecting plates, which when knocked by rappers, let deposited dust particles fall into a hopper. The electric field of the ESP portion therefore pre-separates the dust, making the dust reaching the Bag Filter quite limited (less than 1 g (0.035 oz) reaches the Bag Filter portion in our Dual-Action Filter, compared to 10 to 100 g (0.35 oz to 3.56 oz) depending on the application ─ without the ESP portion).


This modest dust load reaching the Bag Filter allows for a low pressure drop to the filter bags, thus:

  • Lowering energy costs. As less dust reaches the filter bags, there is also less dust caked-on the filters. The Delta P on the tail-end fan is therefore reduced, allowing for a smaller I.D. Fan or the reuse of the existing one. This translates into reduced energy costs.
  • Reducing compressed air consumption (and therefore further lowering energy costs). As the ESP portion electrostatically charges the particles, the dust layer on the filter bags is also easier to remove, as ionized particles are more easily loosened than non-ionized ones. This means our Bi-Jet Bag Cleaning System uses even less compressed air than in our Bag Filter alone.
  • Lessening the amount of cleaning time. With not only less dust, but less caked-on dust reaching the filter bags, the filter bags require fewer cleaning cycles.
  • Offering a longer filter bag lifetime. Thanks to fewer needed cleaning cycles, the filter bags last longer.

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