Traditionally, wet scrubbing and semi-wet desulfurization have dominated the market. However, that is expected to change in the coming years, as the advantages of Dry Injection Desulfurization (DID) become better known. Redecam considers DID to be the “state-of-the-art” technology and as its price tag has fallen, it is the only desulfurization system Redecam has chosen to offer. DID removes SO2 (sulphur dioxide), SO3 (sulphur trioxide), HCl (hydrochloric acid) and HF (hydrogen fluoride).

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Regulations involving the emission of these gases are getting stricter, and this technology is increasingly on the radar at many Power, Metals & Mining, Biomass & Pulp and Paper facilities as well as at cement plants, among others.

DID-RC System with a Reaction Tower and a Re-Circulating System

DID-RC system that features a reaction tower and a re-circulating system.

Why Choose Our Dry Injection Desulfurization?

  • Our high performance system. Our DID is up to 98% effective, depending on which of our three models you choose and your plant’s process parameters.
  • Our attractive price tag. Our DID system costs a fraction of the price of traditional desulfurization methods.
  • Our fast execution. Whereas a wet scrubbing system can require over a year from design to installation, our DID system requires months to complete.
  • Our compact system. Our DID has a very limited footprint compared to other solutions that require significant space.
  • Our efficient injections. Using our in-house simulation software, we calculate the optimal injection points to ensure a homogeneous gas distribution, garnering a more effective reaction.
  • Our system’s low sorbent consumption. We can design a system that uses minimal reagent when paired with the recirculation option.

Our state-of-the-art Dry Injection Desulfurization system is high performance, cost-effective and compact.

Advantages of our Dry Injection Desulfurization (DID) compared to wet flue gas desulfurization (Wet FGD):

  • CAPEX is usually 4 times less, but in some cases can be 1/10 the price
  • Significantly more compact: requires a dosing silo and at times a reactor vs. a footprint of up to 5,000 m2 (54,000 ft2)
  • OPEX for water and electricity is much lower
  • Minimizes the production of nitrogen oxides (greenhouse gases) due to low operating temperatures

Redecam offers three DID systems:

  • To consider in power plants, when the ductwork is long enough to allow gases to remain longer
  • Ideal for retrofit applications as no extra-footprint is required
  • Fly ash removal in a single step
  • Low treatment time (at times less than 1s)
  • Capable of supporting multi-pollutant removal
  • To consider in incineration, biomass or waste-to-energy plants as well as in facilities needing high performance systems
  • Fly ash is removed with an air filtration system after sorbent is injected and SOX pollutants removed
  • Short gas retention time (1-3 s)
  • Capable of supporting multi-pollutant removal
  • To consider in power, incineration, biomass and WTE plants
  • Enhanced performance and lower OPEX as by-product recirculation reduces the amount of reagent needed and improves abatement efficiency
  • Low condensation, with conservative approach to saturation temperature
  • Fly ash is removed with an air filtration system after sorbent is injected and SOX, HCl and HF are removed
  • Low treatment time (1-3 s)

Click here to view our DID system product brochure. To discuss a DID solution with one of our experts, please contact us.