Our wide range of cyclones can be used as dust pre-separators, spark arrestors or to aid flue gas treatment. They can reduce dust by up to 95% (by weight) and are an effective solution for several industries including the cement, lime, metals, mining, biomass and waste-to-energy sectors. When used as a pre-separator, our cyclones lower the dust load on higher efficiency air filtration systems, ensuring them a longer service life.

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Why Choose Our Cyclones?

  • Superior particulate removal. Even when used in the worst conditions, our cyclones offer higher efficiency than other such devices.
  • Cost-effective. Our cyclones offer particulate removal at a lower cost than other air filtration solutions.
  • Multiple options. We offer sizes ranging from 500 mm to 5 m (1’ 7” to 16’ 5”) in diameter.
  • Durable. Our cyclones are designed to last a long time and built to resist abrasion and corrosion.
  • Maintenance-free. Unlike many air filtration devices, our cyclones do not contain any moving or replaceable parts.
  • Easy installation. Even as an addition to existing systems.

We can design cyclones for applications such as in the cement industry in which there are high particulate levels, around 100 g/Nm3 (0,0437 gr/dscf), and we can also engineer cyclones for lighter applications such as for incinerators or in the biomass sector, where the ash concentration is on average 5 g/Nm3 (0,00219 gr/dscf).

We offer a wide range of cyclones – all durable, nearly maintenance free and cost-effective.

Our cyclones can increase your system’s efficiency at a low CAPEX. They can also be used for various applications: as dust pre-separators, as a spark arrestor or to aid flue gas treatment.

Redecam Cyclones functions

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