Redecam Article on Putting the Lid on Emissions Published in International Cement Review

Niccolò Griffini, Christian Guadagnin and Suman Jain outline the experience on projects such as the Cemex Caracolito ESP-to-baghouse conversion in Colombia and how to bring similar benefits to the Indian cement sector in the November issue of International Cement Review. Read full editorial (0.5 MB)

January 2nd, 2018|Industry, Innovation|

In World Cement: Redecam Creates a Pre-Assembled Monster Filter

Read all about one of Redecam’s newest innovations: a heavy duty Bag Filter pre-assembled in a mere 14 parts. Giuliamaria Meriggi, Redecam’s Director of Global Sales, outlines the challenges and the benefits of this Rubik’s Cube-like Modular Filter in the June issue of World Cement. Read full editorial (2 MB) Photo: Redecam's new product, [...]

June 10th, 2016|Industry, Innovation|

Particulate Matter in the Bag

Redecam’s Proposals Manager, José Miguel Angolemme, wrote an editorial for the January 2016 edition of International Cement Review about the need for cement manufacturers to review their air pollution control systems to ensure compliance. “As the environmental and health effects of air pollution from particulate matter (PM) become more intensely researched and widely documented, an [...]

January 15th, 2016|Innovation|