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Here is a project we did in Antarctica:

Terra Nova Bay Incineration Plant

Terra Nova Bay Incineration Plant

Our Client: Italy’s National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development (ENEA). This agency is responsible for the logistics and maintenance of the country’s two Antarctic stations.

Country: Antarctica

We designed the entire APC system, including all ancillary equipment, to function effectively in extreme conditions and installed and commissioned it in the coldest place on earth.

Our Contract: Design, manufacture, install and commission a complete air pollution control solution for the new garbage incinerator at the Zucchelli Station, Italy’s National Antarctic Research Program, at Terra Nova Bay, along the coast of Victoria Land, Antarctica. Redecam was tasked with designing the containers to house the kiln and the air pollution control solution, including construction and preassembly, testing and preliminary start-up in Ravenna (before shipment), as well as the disassembly and shipment of the units. We were also contracted to install the system and start-up operations in Antarctica.

Our Challenge: Design a complete air pollution control solution meeting Redecam’s renowned efficiency and efficacy standards that would function without fail in the coldest place on earth (lowest recorded temperature was −89.2 °C (−128.6 °F)). The climate is also extremely dry (technically a desert), averaging 166 mm (6.5 in) of precipitation per year. Our team was also challenged with installing the solution in these extreme weather conditions. Our engineering team had the uncommon task of designing the entire solution to permanently fit in shipping containers as well.

Our Solution: Redecam designed the kiln for cyclical incineration operations with a capacity of 150 kg/hs of garbage (kitchen waste, sludge, residual waste from the water treatment plant, paper/cardboard, non-recoverable wood) with combustion cycles ranging from 8-10 hours each. Our air pollution control solution included a Bag Filter as well as gas purification using Sorbalite®, a mix of lime and activated carbon removing SOX as well as mercury and other metals. In addition, we also designed, built, installed and tested: an automatic bin loader for waste, a primary combustion chamber with refractory sole for the combustion of very wet waste, a mechanized ash unloading system, a post-combustion chamber, an emergency chimney, a vertical boiler to recover heat and produce hot water to be used on the base, a series of heat dissipaters outside the containers, connection ducts between the boiler and reactor, a reactor, gas extraction fans and a process chimney.

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