Redecam offers highly engineered air pollution control solutions for the Cement & Lime, Metals & Mining, Coal & Oil Power, Waste-to-Energy & Biomass Power and Biomass & Pulp and Paper industries, helping customers meet or exceed their air emission reduction targets in a rapid and cost-effective manner. Our track record is strong with over 2,000 projects in nearly 90 countries and on every continent.

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Here are a few of our projects in Africa:

Ohorongo Cement Plant

Ohorongo Cement Plant

Our Client: Ohorongo (Pty) Ltd., Namibia’s only cement-producing company and owner of the most modern cement plant in Africa.

Country: Namibia

With the layout and process parameters of this plant, we knew our Dual-Input Integrated System, dedusting both kiln and cooler, would be ideal, saving the client space.

Our Contract: Work with German international engineering company ThyssenKrupp Polysius to provide a complete air filtration solution for this new plant, which produced more than 2 million tons of cement in 2014. The Redecam team was on hand when his Excellency, Namibian President Hifikepunye Pohamba inaugurated the plant, which was delivered two months early.

Our Solution: Our engineers sourced one of our special integrated Bag Filter solutions, a Redecam Dual-Input Integrated System, to dedust both kiln and cooler for this project. This saved the client space, as two bag filters would have required a larger footprint. Eighty (80) nuisance filters were added at various points throughout the plant.

Société de ciments de Gabes

Société de ciments de Gabes

Our Client: Secil, one of Portugal’s leading cement producers and majority shareholder of Société de ciments de Gabes.

Country: Tunisia

We designed a new air filtration bagging and dispatch system that increased the company’s sales and market share… all while working on a tight timeline.

Our Contract: Provide a complete overhaul of the bag filter system, using more efficient equipment and technology.

Our Challenge: This was a complex project with a tight timeline. However our team of engineers found solutions that we were able to implement quickly. The new bagging and dispatch system ended up increasing the company’s sales and market share. (Secil website)

Our Solution: Our team quickly designed and built a new DPM-Model Bag Filter, suited for heavy-duty and high inlet dust burden applications (up to 1000 g/Nm3), on the plant’s mill and separator, adding new general dedusting filters as well as a more productive dust transport system.

Société des Ciments de Hamma Bouziane (SCHB)

Société des Ciments de Hamma Bouziane (SCHB)

Our Client: SCHB, a subsidiary of Groupe Industriel des Ciments d’Algérie, one of the largest cement producers in North Africa.

Country: Algeria

Our Gas-to-Air Heat Exchanger offered a limited footprint while minimizing losses in pressure, and our Bag Filters reduced the consumption of compressed air by up to 40%.

Our Contract: To find a cost-efficient retrofit solution to the existing air filtration equipment on two clinker cooler lines.

Our Challenge: Our team, as well as our customer, had hoped to use the existing equipment’s structure for the new system. However upon inspection, our experts deemed that it was not structurally sound. In the end, our engineers designed a new foundation and structure to carry the additional weight load.

Our Solution: On each of the clinker cooler lines we designed, engineered and manufactured a new Gas-to-Air RF-Model Heat Exchanger, which minimizes losses of pressure, while limiting the heat exchanger’s footprint. We installed the HEs upstream of new DPD-Model Bag Filters (baghouses) which, thanks to our Bi-Jet Bag Cleaning System, reduce the system’s consumption of compressed air by up to 40%.

Cimenterie de Lukala (CILU)

Cimenterie de Lukala (CILU)

Our Client: Heidelberg Cement, one of the main cement producers in the world and a 55% stakeholder in CILU.

Country: Democratic Republic of the Congo

We successfully managed local migrant workers in a remote area to install a complete air filtration system, reducing dust emissions to less than 10 mg/m3.

Our Contract: Provide a turnkey air filtration solution for this company’s plant, responsible for over 70% of the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s cement production. The cement plant had been producing more than 500,000 tonnes per year and was looking to expand to over 1.4 million tonnes.

Our Challenge: Installation was done in coordination with a Chinese contractor. Our Redecam supervisory staff managed local migrant workers and lived on-site in tents and containers, as did other workers, during installation and commissioning as the location was relatively remote.

Our Solution: We replaced the old electrostatic precipitator into one of our top quality Bag Filters (baghouse). This reduced the amount of dust emitted to less than 10 mg/m3. We also provided new ducts, a new fan and integrated all new portions into the existing automation system of the plant. The new solution increased efficiency, including the quantity of usable by-product.

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