Redecam Group commissioned the air filtration system at Votorantim Cimentos’ Primavera plant in the Pará region of Brazil in April 2016. The contract had been put on hold for a while and Redecam had to re-engineer the system in 2014-2015 to take into account a change in lime quality. The solution for this new line was centered around a Dual-Input Integrated System based on a DPD-Model Bag Filter. The baghouse included Redecam’s SPS bag fixation system and an offline/semi-offline Bi-Jet Bag Cleaning System. A Mixing Chamber was added in order to effectively mix the converging gases in such a way as to achieve a homogeneous gas – and gas temperature – at the MC outlet. Redecam also designed and manufactured an RF-Model Gas-to-Air Heat Exchanger to control the temperature on the clinker cooler outlet.

Photo: Redecam’s contract at the Primavera plant was one of four with Votorantim Cimentos in Brazil in 2015-2016.