Giuliamaria Meriggi, Redecam’s Director of Global Sales, published an editorial in the February 2016 edition of World Cement. In it, she presents the evolution of flue gas treatment in cement manufacture.

“When Redecam Group was founded 30 years ago, removing dust at stack via air filtration was the only consideration for cement plants in order to abide by air emissions regulations. Over the years, global pollution increased exponentially and research became more conclusive regarding pollution’s devastating effects on the environment, as well as on human and animal health. The result: a wide variety of lobby groups and local populations increased their advocacy and world leaders implemented increasingly strict legislation on a wide variety of pollutants. Whereas 20 years ago, Redecam’s main flue gas treatment (FGT) clients were in the biomass and power sectors, today the cement industry has become a consumer of FGT technology as well. Cement plants already face tougher FGT regulations in many countries and should be prepared for the implementation of even stricter environmental legislation over the coming years.”

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Photo: Cement plants should prepare themselves for tougher FGT regulations.