Redecam Group was among the exhibitors at the 20th Arab International Cement Conference and Exhibition (AICCE) from November 10th-12th at the Fairmont Heliopolos & Towers in Cairo, Egypt. The conference attracted about 500 delegates from all over the world and the exhibition offered roughly 100 booths, gathering everyone involved in the cement business in the Arab world under one roof.

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“For Redecam, it was a great opportunity to touch base with cement producers from several countries, including Egypt, where they have a mere five years to get their emissions at stack under 50 mg/Nm3,” commented Clive Brown, Head of Sales, Cement for Redecam. “Our retrofit, transformation and upgrade technologies can easily offer those emissions reductions. We have managed to reduce emissions at stack to 5 mg/Nm3 on retrofits.” Redecam’s expertise transforming aging and underperforming electrostatic precipitators (ESPs) into high performance Bag Filters was of particular interest.

“Our expertise managing air pollution control projects, from design through commissioning on new builds was also a popular topic of conversation with companies in Saudi Arabia, among others, as they have new cement plants in the works in the coming years,” added Brown. “As far as conferences and exhibitions go, the AICCE was ideal to hear new ideas and see who was doing what.”

Photo: Carlo Burci, Sales Area Manager-Industry Division and Clive Brown, Head of Sales, Cement at Redecam’s AICCE booth.