Redecam’s on-site team has successfully started-up the air filtration system on the clinker cooler at Titan’s Roanoke Cement Company plant in Virginia, U.S.A.

Redecam designed, manufactured, installed and commissioned solutions for the clinker cooler and the kiln/raw mill. Both systems were designed to offer optimal performance as Roanoke Cement is an Energy Star® Partner and has received several environmental, industry and safety awards.

Our engineering team designed and built a Gas-to-Air Heat Exchanger to control the temperature at the clinker cooler outlet upstream of the existing electrostatic precipitator (ESP) and installed it during regular production.

As the existing ESP was underperforming, Redecam recommended a transformation solution. Our engineering team used the existing ESP’s casing but changed all internal parts to turn it into a high efficiency Bag Filter (baghouse). Such transformations are more cost-effective in terms of CAPEX than purchasing an entirely new system, yet have proven to perform as well as new systems. In addition, as retrofit and transformation solutions are some of Redecam’s specialties, our team was able to offer a quick turnaround: installation and commissioning were completed during a planned outage.

Photo: Redecam’s newly installed and commissioned Bag Filter and Gas-to-Air Heat Exchanger at Titan’s Roanoke Cement Company plant.