Redecam commissioned a replacement air filtration solution at the Société des Ciments Sour El-Ghozlane/Groupe GICA/ALGERIA plant in Algeria in February 2016. The existing electrostatic precipitators (ESP) were underperforming, so Redecam designed and supplied twin DPD-Model Bag Filters for the kiln. These bag filters will reduce water and energy consumption while protecting the environment, surpassing even the strictest of emissions reductions requirements. Redecam also converted the existing gas conditioning tower into a dust pre-separator. As water in the area is scarce, Redecam was sure to integrate fresh air intake valves on the kiln and raw mill to ensure a more homogeneous gas mix and an acceptable temperature for the baghouses. Redecam supplied new dust transport systems (pneumatic), a compressed air system, three Nuisance Filters and the electrical distribution, starting from medium voltage.

Redecam manufactured all technological equipment in its Milan workshop and supplied all raw materials to have steelworks fabricated locally, supplying training to local workers as well.

Diagram: Redecam tailored its solution to its client’s geographic location, which included training local workers to manufacture the steelworks required.