Redecam Group has been expanding its activities in a number of sectors, including in renewable energy. Indeed, Redecam has completed an increasing number of projects in the biomass energy sector, with expertise in engineering market-leading air pollution co­­ntrol (APC) solutions for plants with a variety of fuel-types.

One of those projects is with Albioma in Martinique, French West Indies. It consists of providing a turnkey APC system for a new biomass power unit (36.5 MWe) burning biomass pellets (and other dry biomass), bagasse (during the sugar campaign) and complementary green waste. Redecam is providing an Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP), a Bag Filter, a Dry Injection Desulfurisation system with a reactor (DID-R), as well as condensation-type heat exchanger as a final heat recovery step. An I.D. fan and a stack are being added.

Operations are set to begin in late 2016.

Albioma signature. Photo from left to right: Mr. Gino Carucci, Head of Sales – Power Division, Redecam and Mr. Claude Décamp, Project Director, Albioma.